Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"She Got It"

Lying in bed with her Bible opened, she asked, “Lord, what are you doing in my life?” What path have you laid out for me? Will you please help this sister out?” She waited and waited wondering to herself whether or not she was heard but as she began to get out of bed the Lord responded, “The plans I have for you are plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future, plans to take you to higher heights.” She froze in His presence refusing to say a word in fear of missing the message. As she lay there with the raindrops banging against the window she could feel the spirit of the Lord moving within the room. The room settled and she could hear the spirit resonating within her and the drums of her forefathers beating a tune she was quite familiar with, the hope song. As she listened she got it; your life is not your own; you have been placed here at this time to serve as the ambassador of change I so greatly desire for my children. Remember in order to produce you must first endure growing pains so welcome what you are going through, draw from those that have gone before you, and always leave a legacy for others to follow. She sat up in the bed and began to think on the struggles those before her had endured and purposed in heart to be a breath of fresh air wherever her travels lead her. An ambassador of change, she was being used to change the very environment she was a part of.

She turned to get out of bed and realized the rain had ceased and the sun was rising; a new day was beginning right there before her eyes. As she stood there looking at the sun rise she noticed the path had been laid out, all she needed to do was submit herself to the greater purpose and it will all fall into place. Many prominent women have left a path in the sand for her to draw from whilst still creating her own journey. Alice Walker’s “Before You Knew You Owned It”, Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” and Zora Neale Hurston’s “Every Tongue Must Confess” provide tools she can tap into for her journey. Sasha smiled with tears pouring down her cheeks, as she watched the sun light up her world thinking to herself, my journey truly is “A Breath of Fresh Air” in the midst of total chaos. How will she ever overcome the chaos of the daily struggle, she wondered to herself as she watched the puddles of water on the street? “Yes, I got it, ride the waves and enjoy every minute of it,” she said. As she turned away it hit her like a ton of bricks she has never been able to ride the waves.
A little disappointed she looked up to her heavenly Father and asked, “Will you please take away all the drama?” “Not in a million years; it builds character and develops perseverance definite necessities in your journey.” He responded with a smile. A little disappointed Sasha sat back on the bed and wondered how could she ever be an ambassador of change or the breath of fresh air if she is constantly bombarded with problems and difficulties. Then she remembered what her mother had taught her to say whenever she came up against an obstacle, “This too Shall Pass”. Sasha got it, right there that morning in her room before she began her day. Smiling she turned back to her Bible and heard the Holy Spirit saying, “Don’t worry about what the Lord is doing in your life or what path he has laid out for you or whether or not he will help you out. Just be comforted by the gift he has given you…when he tests me, I will come out as pure gold.” He got your back sister. Your daddy loves you!!!

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  1. Blessings.....

    Drama builds character huh, i guess i got enough character to last me a life time cause drama i can well do without.

    great post...
    Much love...Rhapsody