Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When the road gets rocky...

"True happiness means forging a strong spirit that is undefeated, no matter how trying our circumstances." Daisaku Ikeda

When I read that quote I thought to myself easier said than done but then I said no, easier said than believed. We make so many profound statements during the course of a day but how many of them do we truly believe. We have been bombarded with the new positive way of thinking but I dare to say that new approach can be crippling because the moment you start looking at life the way it is you realize, damn life is "rocky". I must admit I am one of those who believe that what you resist in life persists in your life and what you focus on you give life to and last but not least we are in control of the direction of our lives but I also believe that its ok to cry and grieve and feel like crap and question everything that is going on I just don't believe in staying there. Well how do we exeprience these different stages without yielding to the desire to stay there? Staying there is easy and does not require a whole lot of energy and believe it or not I like easy to hell with anything worth having is worth working hard for I say if its easy I could do it more and more so give me easy. I just wish the universe functioned on my philosophy we would all be so much happier.....yeah right.

Well the best way to make it true trying circumstances and still be happy for me is to follow the path that you naturally gravitate towards. Nobody but you know what's best for you so trust self and ride the wave. This is what works for me when the road gets rocky in this journey I call life;
1. Embrace the feeling: Don't fight it or hate yourself for being there instead roll with it. If you feel like crying, cry as long as you can; for that matter cry until your eyes are swollen, you are congested and is having trouble breathing just get it all out. Don't look for the lesson right there and then just embrace the feeling. It may take an hour or a month or a year but just see it for what it is a feeling and its okay to have it.
2. Love yourself for being honest: We live in a society where honesty is requested but not honored. In being honest with your feelings you are developing self and that is the best kind of development in the world because everyone benefits when YOU grow and develop.
3. Remember it's about you: Yes its ok to focus on self ...look in the mirror and say damn I got it going on or I am doing me in all this. Just laugh and enjoy where you are, you may never come back to this place again and you surely don't want to miss the moments of goodness beccause God knows you will not forget the chaos.
4. Celebrate You!!! I think because I was born in Trinidad an island that lives to party; I'm always looking for an opportunity to party. One of my colleagues said to me, "You can have a party all by yourself." You know what's crazy I really can. I believe we have to celebrate ourselves because if you don't no one will. I say set the tone and start celebrating....

Well it's not just about forging a strong spirit but a whole lot about acknowledging where you are and doing the best you can in the circumstance...remember Life Definitely Rocks!!!!


  1. "True happiness means forging a strong spirit that is undefeated" nuff said.....

  2. Well... this was indeed very well written. Enjoyed it very much. I truly believe that one has to be sad sometimes, because if you aren't, you forget how wonderful it is to be happy. A person should do what makes them happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live... yes, life definitely rocks!!!