Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yesterday marked the first day of my journey to run 42 races by December 18, 2015.  My brother died 30 days ago yesterday and I wanted to do something in his honor so I started with Camp Kesem's 5K.  Camp Kesem is an organization that does Summer Camps for the children of cancer patients, when I came across it online I was captivated by how much these college students do to help kids in need and wanted to help.  Why Camp Kesem? I was searching for ways to help my nephew cope with loosing his father as well as help him keep the memory of his dad alive so yesterday my niece Tennille, two other friends Danielle and Michelle and I did our first race.   Great organization please check them out .  Just getting up will chat more later.

Also I know I have not entered anything about my training but I will not be doing MdS 2015 due to injury so taking it slowly as I recover and heal.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015

I got up and ran for 2 hours as stated in my training plan.  I did 9.5 miles showered and headed to work.    Today was a good day.   I miss my morning workouts with the trainer but duty calls I wish I could quit my job and just train.  I hate it when your job gets in the way of doing the important things.  :)

January 9, 10, 11

Talk about a crazy weekend, I worked until after midnight on Friday night got 3 hours of sleep and head in to base to work full 8 hours.  Came home Saturday evening and crashed before 6pm was up by 1am and ran 18 miles on the treadmill then back to base for another 8 hours.  It was a lot to do 18 miles on a treadmill but when that's all you got you have too.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8, 2015

This morning I ran on the treadmill, my knees and ankles are starting to ache more than normal may need to see a doctor other than that it was an easy run not fast.  Getting out of bed was not difficult today was up by 3:40 am and got my workout in.  Today was supposed to be my rest day but since I rested on Tuesday I figured I better get it in.  It's amazing how quick your outlook can change if you just keep going.  Yesterday I wanted to quit, today I saw myself crossing the finish line in Morocco, visualization helps a lot.

Goal: 2 hours
Accomplished: 9 miles in 2:04 hrs.

January 7, 2015

Yesterday I was up at 2:20 am I could not sleep, I tried staying in bed…then I decided to talk to God because He is the only person that you can talk to at that time.  After awhile I got up and put on my running clothes not that I wanted to train but I thought if I got dressed the desire might come.  My desire to train is just not there anymore, it is  January 7, 2015 and I ran only 1 day for the year and I have less than 90 days to go before the race.  I am not ready.  I am scared.  I am overwhelmed. I feel like I will never be ready.  Did I say scared?  If you don’t train you can’t get what you want so what do I do.  They say push through but sometimes you don’t have what it takes to push through on your own.  I have never done this much training by myself and it’s so difficult.  What was I thinking? Why did I sign up for this race? Am I really cut out for this? My discipline level is weaning the little I had I have used it all up.  God I need help.  My work schedule and the fact that daylight ends by 5pm really limit my options. 

I got up and ran….some days are difficult

Goal: 3 hours Run/Walk
Accomplished: 3 hours of 4min Run 2 min Walk.

It was a slow 3 hours struggled but got it in so I am happy.

Monday, September 8, 2014


This morning as I was completing my first session with my coach feeling beat and thinking to myself I worked hard he says, "That is going to be your daily warm-up". I looked at him and smiled because whatever he brings I am ready although inside I was having an “aha moment” actually it was an “Oh S#@!” what did I get myself into moment. It is funny because as a runner I run...I am not too concern with the other stuff but when he broke it all down for me today; it really demonstrated how linear I can be at times. I can get so focused on a task I miss everything that is going on around me, I hope to not have that happen to me as I train for the Marathon des Sables 2015, my goal is to enjoy it all. I use to think if I can maintain a 9 minute mile pace for a race I am on track but what about my core, my overall fitness level and my ability to push my body to its max? All these things need to be considered as I live my life. Well since I am talking about being well rounded I must add as of September 1, 2014 I am vegan, I want to train for this race on a completely plant based diet. A lot of firsts and new things for me as I prepare for another year on earth did I tell you all my birthday is in 11 days?  Well I guess I am beginning yet another phase in this journey I call life but I can truly say I am grateful for the opportunity and will give it everything I got. I am getting the opportunity to develop something I have enjoyed all my life, talk about taking it to a new level. I am so excited on this journey. Today I am grateful for life, the ability to run, good food, amazing family and friends and freedom to be. Life definitely rocks!!!!!