Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I am sitting at my desk feeling completely overwhelmed. The job is no longer fun I am not making the difference I signed up to make and I am miserable in my skin. What do I do? Be thankful because I have a job. Be thankful because I make a positive impact daily no matter how small. Be thankful because I can breathe. A grateful heartful can put a whole new spin of things. I have learned to enjoy the moment and see it for what it is a moment. I am smiling now just what I need to be doing as I head to the training session I am facilitating today.
Take Care,
Lady P


  1. Blessings.......

    Its a good way to look at life, at times things get mundane and a bit blah, though even in the blah-ness there are reasons to be grateful for within every moment weaves a blessing.

    Have a fabulous day cous....

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