Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best Photo Shoot Ever

Stressed at work, overworked, 14 days of working without a break, papers due, studying for major exams, and still trying to train is when “my blood gets close to my skin” and I am about to explode…so what do I do? Head to California for my goddaughter’s graduation from elementary school. While out there I got a moment to do one of the things I enjoy most, taking pictures. I have been doing a lot of landscapes, sunsets and parks but I got myself a tripod for Christmas so I took it to California with me. While there, I decided to do a shoot in Santa Monica it was hilarious. I did some area shots then I decided to take some photos of me. Folks stopped and started watching me like I was crazy because here I was at the pier posing with a remote in hand and camera on tripod. I couldn’t help but cracked up, it must have been one of my best shoots ever although they may have thought something was wrong me. Now I know what to do for comic relief. Next time I might do some real crazy poses. Life can be tons of fun.

Lady P

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  1. Blessings Cous.....
    Whatever brings you joy. So where are the famous landscapes?