Friday, June 24, 2011

Maybe it will...

How many times we wonder when will everything fall into place? Maybe it will, maybe it won't but either way you have to choose to rise above it. I think it is more about being able to navigate what life is throwing our way and know that it only comes because we can handle it. Look back on your life at some of your most difficult times, the times when you thought you would never make it through well if you are reading this you made it....pat yourself on the back, keep treking. I say, trust that it will all come together that beats the alternative.

Lady P

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  1. Blessings Cous:
    "pat yourself on the back;" pun intended....
    much of life is about endurance and as you say "learning to navigate" the ebb and flow of things. When traumatic things occur its not that we doubt the ability to survive it, it is the surviving that really worries us. How we learn to live with what has happened, how we make peace with the broken pieces, how we forgive ourselves our err in judgments how we manage to deal with the residue of things past that stains the mind, how we manage to LIVE instead of survive the crap we have had to endure and still smile from the inside out, outside in and to look forward and look up with hope and faith.

    Peace Cous....
    Much love..