Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be Kind

It just dawned on me, drink some water. I normally place 8 half liter bottles of water on my desk when I walk in at 6:30am as a reminder to stay hydrated as well as track my water intake. This week I have been facilitating more than the usual amount of training because the year is coming to an end and requirements need to be met so I have not been diligent with drinking my water until 10 minutes ago. I was reading through some material and my head was pounding so much so that I could not focus so I grabbed a bottle of water and started drinking only putting it down when the bottle was empty. Holding the bottle in my hand it hit me, the headache is a symptom of my dehydration as well as my failure to eat. I was out of the office for 30 days so I have a lot of catching up to do and I have been doing exactly what so many of us do, try to get 30 days of work completed in 1 week. So far, I have worked late every day this week, I had my first meal prior to 6pm 1 day this week and drank no more than 2 bottles of water a day; now that is crazy.

We need to take care of ourselves better, be kind to each other but more importantly be kind towards oursleves we are so deserving. We are worth it; being compassionate towards ourselves is not selfish it is smart, strategic, necessary, as a matter of fact, downright brilliant. Let us take the time today and everyday to be more understanding and compassionate with ourselves, everyone benefits from that approach and we are able to see how life definitely rocks.

Be Kind to Self...

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