Monday, September 12, 2011

Hit Delete

What are their intentions? I used to think that everyone has your best interest at heart but I was wrong. I think sometimes it is okay to be selfish if it founded in self love and self growth. There are times when I need to stop some people from sharing their thoughts with me not because what they are sharing is bad but it may not be the best thing for me at this particular time in my life. I was the ever present listener who has learned to hit delete without reading or say I am not able to listen to you now. Sharing is good therapy but it isn’t necessarily therapy for the listener actually it may be a burden. I had friends who would off load all of their stuff on me whenever we talked; the conversation would usually start with them asking me, "How are things with you?" I would respond by saying okay but before I could continue they would start talking about what was going on with them. In the beginning it was okay but then I started to resent them but the truth of the matter is I allowed it and until I said something about it I was enabling the behavior. Well recently I did say something and came to a painful realization some friends only exist in your journey for a season. It is hard to let go at times but letting go leads to growth and that is what life is about growth and development. Every encounter, situation, or circumstance in our life is to help us grow and be a better person painful as that may be it is all part of our journey. I think coming to grips with that fact is difficult but necessary to live the life we have been placed here to live. Sometimes you have to hit delete or say not today or not ever whatever you need to love yourself through your life.


  1. The way we think, reason, preceive others is base in part on how we think and thus we get lost and mislead in reading others intensions for us. Often people do not ask one's permission to share confidences. It is assumed which is incorrect, before we share or ask others to keep our confidences we must first as if they are willing to listen and if they are willing to be coopted into keeping their confidence. It is important that we if we are in the position of being ask to listen that we ask ourselves, "Am I willing to share the burden of keeping someone's secrets, how will keeping these secrets impact me, my ability to live my life," before saying yes. We must think first before we speak and consider ourselves in the situation and not get so carried away with being flattered that we were chosen that we consent to something that may be deterimental to our state of consciousness.

    It is not selfish to consider how things will impact our lives, it is wise to always evaluate ones own emotional and psychological health before launching ourselves head long into someone elses drama/situation/circumstance.