Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sometimes all you desire is some alone time to think and create...I feel bombarded by insignificant things. Why would someone call with a question before reading the material? I send out an announcement every year for a program and I get so many questions, 99% of which is answered in the announcement. Once that announement goes out I could say good bye to any real productivity. The classic was an individual called and ask, "Where do I pick up the application form?" Mind you the application form was attached to the annoucement and the instructions on where to pick up a hard copy was stated in bold in the announcment. It was about the 15th call for the afternoon so I was real irritated I breathe and ask, "Did you read the announcement?". He responded, "Not really I just wanted to know where I could get an application." I kindly said, "You should read the announcement all the information is in there.". He said you could tell me and I said, "You are correct" and then I told him. I hung and wondered to myself you are applying for a leadership program and you are unable to read and follow instructions. I wonder how well he will do in the program for that matter will he be able to get into to the program that depends on if he can follow the instructions in the application form.
Well let me go back to getting my work done.

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