Friday, January 20, 2012

Back in de day...

I want some of my food; roti with bodie and pumpkin and a real cold coconut water. As I think back to my childhood days I can't help but remember the fish broth on Friday night, the chicken foot split peas soup with oxtail, cow heel, and pigtail ( my mom would take out the pig tail from the pot before my brothers saw it because they don't eat pig). I never understood how they couldn't taste the pigtail in the soup salted pig tail leaves such a blatant taste as well as scent. I miss my food so much I try to recreate them as best as I can but it never quite tastes the same as I remembered it. Today is Friday and I would give anything to stop by the pholourie man and get some pholourie, sahena and ah alloo pie on my way home. I almost forget a doubles with cucumber, tamarind sauce, kuchela and plenty pepper. Once I get home a nice bowl of fish broth made with the famous red fish and some guiness with condensed milk later in the evening. That's what I need today, the comfort food I grew up on more than 20 years ago.


  1. ha i don't have such issues. had a roti last week, and doubles, licked every finger. Of course i eat oxtail all the time and you know your cous could throw down. I dont do the swine but i do get salt beef and use it in the same capacity. Chicken foot, ha do that all the time too, talking about that i got some in the freezer, now ah know what ah cooking tomorrow and i don't have to share it since your niece don't do the chicken foot.....yummmm.

  2. No need to show off cous my day will come :). I had more access when I lived in Maryalnd. I might have to come visit you so I cud get some of that good food.