Thursday, January 26, 2012

It Pours

The saying when it rains it pours manifested itself over the past 5 days. A virus infected my computer, the router got infected (didn't know that was possible) so there was no wireless connection and the weather compromised the source internet connection...lawd have mercy is all I could say. Initially it began looking bad but I spent time laying in bed reading and on the phone with friends and I enjoyed the days without connectivity. These few days reminded me about a mission trip I did to Africa 4 years ago. While on the trip I had to go about 5 days without internet please don't think that there is no internet in Africa because that is so far from the truth it just meant the area where we were doing our outreach did not have internet access. Looking back on that time and the last few days I realized something I use the time to connect with nature, read and do some self evaluation. Alone time without all the distractions from technology can do so much good for the soul. In the beginning I rarely think that because I am so upset that I am not able to connect with the world and complete the tasks at hand but once you step back and analyze the situation you begin to appreciate the good in the situation and your outlook changes and you start smiling and growing because time spent on introspection usually leads to personal growth. It's all good.

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