Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Route

“The creative act is not hanging on, but yielding to a new creative movement. Awe is what moves us forward.” ― Joseph Campbell
This morning as I met my running partner for our daily run I decided to make a suggestion that left me begging for mercy 40 minutes later as well as helped me appreciate Campbell's quote listed above. As we took off I thought a new route would be a great idea so I suggested it and he obliged without any hesitation. Five minutes into the run I realized we were running into the wind and it was beating us up some but both of us believed we needed this. Well apart from running into the wind the terrain was different. Normally there is one hill close to the end but this time we had hills and I was struggling and refused to say anything; I know I was not going to be the one commenting on how much my legs felt as though they would give out. We have been running the same route over a week ago and our bodies had gotten comfortable, muscle memory had stepped in quite frankly we were in a nice place but today that changed. This morning I felt as though it was my first time running in weeks truth be told while you are running its rough but the minute it ends the euphoria one experiences makes it all worth it. I think what Campbell is saying is, you have to let go of where you are and allow yourself to experience the new thing so that you can grow and develop into a stronger individual. That new experience at times can be painful so one has to decide that no matter what one comes up against working through it is necessary to move forward and grow. Today in yielding to the new route I was able to experience that awe and ultimately move forward in my running. When I think about it, life definitely rocks for me. Until we chat again.


  1. Blessings Cous:
    Sounds like you had some Irving Street hills, oooh, good for you. Keep it up, you know me the furthest I can run is to the toilet. Yep I said it, I went there, you know me.

    Peace cous...
    Keep rocking it out.